OPTIMGAZ Principle V3 & current V4

Experience has shown that all vapors in service stations escape during unloading

There are never vapors emitted outside of unloading, even in service stations equipped with stage 2 vapor recovery.

This is why our VRU Optimgaz Vapor Recovery Unit by condensation is designed with sufficient cooling capacity to treat high flow rates (45 to 50 m³ / h)

The universal laws of physics make that this power must be 10 KW to maximize the recovery by condensation at -35 or -40 ° C with the high flow rate of the unloading.

Equipped with heat exchangers, Optimgaz strongly cools the gases to temperatures allowing most of the V.O.C. to return to the liquid phase.

Optimgaz is only activated, automatically or manually, during unloading operations. Despite its power, its electrical energy consumption is therefore very modest.

OPTIMGAZ is cooling the vapors at extreme low temperatures which convert the major V.O.C. quantity (Volatile Organic Compounds) to liquid state with fuel characteristics.

This fuel is reintroduced into the underground tank at the service station.

Thus the truck collects vapors which hardly contain any fuel vapors.

 NB: A moderately powerful machine would not be very efficient.


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