Who are we ?

COVALTECH designs and manufactures equipment whose purpose is to protect the environment, people and property.
COVALTECH chooses the right available and proven technologies to reconcile ecology, efficiency and profitability.

In partnership with the French Institute of Petroleum and New Energies, Covaltech has developed Optimgaz, which processes, by immediate recondensation and return to tanks, all fuel vapors emitted by a gas station. Thanks to Optimgaz, gas stations, whether or not equipped with stage 1 and stage 2 vapor recovery systems, reduce their evaporation losses.

Their investment is thus quickly profitable.

Optimgaz is controlled by electromechanics; as an option, a supervisor can be installed which allows permanent monitoring and remote intervention on most of the parameters.

This condensation technology is also applied for the capture and recondensation of various VOC Volatile Organic Compounds, regardless of the industrial or commercial activity of the user. In this case, Covaltech offers "customized" equipment according to the characteristics of the product(s) to be treated.

Covaltech, through its action to protect the environment, contributes to sustainable development by limiting the losses of these natural resources.